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The Advantages of Getting Marketplace Approved

It’s no secret that getting pre-approved for a mortgage is one of the most important first-steps on the path to home ownership. However, it’s important not to overlook the pivotal decision that comes before that: choosing your mortgage lender.

Not all mortgage pre-approvals are created equally. Using a rapid pre-approval may seem convenient, but it puts you at risk for financing issues down the line. Opting for the quick and easy route could lead to delayed closings. In the midst of moving, having your closing date pushed back can be a logistical nightmare.  What’s worse,  a flimsy pre-approval could even lead to the loss of your dream home. That’s why it pays to get Marketplace Approved.

When you get Marketplace Approved, you receive a fully underwritten loan pre-approval in 5 day or less. This means that our underwriting team has taken an in-depth look at your financial circumstances and has given you a commitment to lend. Being fully underwritten makes your offer more reliable and thus more appealing in the eyes of a seller.

To double down on the strength of being Marketplace Approved, we offer our clients an unparalleled On Time Closing Guarantee*.  With our On Time Closing Guarantee, your home purchase closes on time or we pay the seller $5,000 and the buyer $1,500.

If you are serious about your home search, insist on the best pre-approval in the industry.  Save yourself from stress and potential heartbreak by getting Marketplace Approved.

*On Time Closing Guarantee: See program disclosure for complete terms and conditions